Rejuvenate and replenish your body

Noni Soaps offer the health benefits of noni fruit

Rosemary Lavender: Essential oils of rosemary and lavender as well as noni fruit powder produce a unique exfoliating and refreshing experience.
Plumeria: Infused with noni leaf and the scent of Hawaiian plumeria blossoms this noni soap heals and comforts the skin.
Ginger Papaya: Ginger and tropical papaya create a refreshing, moisturizing noni soap that heals and pampers the skin.
Citrus Mint: Litsea essential oil, peppermint, spearmint, green sea clay, and clean citrus scent create a noni soap with uplifting healing benefits and extra smooth skin.

Organic Noni Soap

Individual 4oz Noni Soap
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4oz Noni Soap 3-Pack
$15 + shipping
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4oz Noni Soap 12-Pack
$51 + shipping
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More Information About Organic Noni Soap

Noni is Hawaii's amazing health fruit. Well known throughout the Hawaiian and Polynesian islands, noni is a small evergreen tree that produces a yellow/white fruit resembling a bumby lemon all year long.

Our noni soap is cold processed and hand crafted on the island of Maui. We use a combination of noni leaf infused olive oil, soy oil, and cocont oil blended with noni fruit powder creating a miraculous soap that offers all of the healing benefits of noni fruit infused with all natural, soothing oils.

These very popular and highly regarded soaps are available in individual bars, 3-packs, and 12-packs and make excellent gifts for loved ones. We are currently offering our unique soaps in Noni Plumeria, Ginger Papaya, Rosemary Lavender, and Citrus Mint.

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